Great Way to Get Free Content and Quality Backlinks

One of my favorite ways to get good content is to interview someone. Initially I came up with this because I wanted to inject something new to my other website. I tried to look for guest bloggers but it takes time and trial and error to find a good one. Then it would be just the same type of content I already had. I wanted something exciting, something exotic!

spotlightThen I remembered I received an “offer” from one fitness website to write for them free content in exchange for exposure and links. The deal wasn’t good. I have some experience in this and usually I can tell a successful website from a struggling one and this one seemed to be from the second category. They had some very good days in past, but over last two years they seemed to suffer a big traffic loss. If I remember correctly they give one dofollow link for eight original articles. I was more offended than complimented!

However, this website still manages to get content from real experts for free. Typically these experts have their own websites and a book or a DVD to sell. They aren’t marketers, they are genuine experts struggling to sell their products online. I decided I will approach one of them and ask for interview.

To be honest I didn’t even research much. I simply contacted the author of a random article. Of course I made sure her article was good, I visited her website to see what she was selling but nothing more than that. That lady happily agreed for interview within 10 minutes I hit Send button. Little did I know that she co-hosts a Canadian fitness show and is many times bodybuilding champion! If I knew all this, I would be intimidated to send her my request in the first place. But luckily I didn’t know all this and we made that interview. I just sent her a few simple questions and she wrote an excellent 1800 word piece. I was also allowed to choose any picture of hers and publish on my website. She shared our interview with almost 6,000 fans on Facebook and twitted it on Twitter!

My second interview was with owner of one Japanese company. They sell lifestyle products, including beauty products. Similarly I sent him a few questions and he wrote an absolutely wonderful piece. I mean really great! He talked about Japanese women and how they take care of themselves, about Japanese garments and the concept of hidden beauty. I loved it and I could tell my visitors loved it too. I was happy to link to them and refer customers to them for free. They did such a great job!

If you have a website with some content on it, give it a try. You don’t have to have a huge traffic. I never mentioned my traffic numbers. All you need is a website that looks presentable and has some content on it. Don’t be afraid of rejection. If you want to maximize your chances of success, look for someone who has a product to sell and has a weak website. That Japanese company was running Adwords campaign a few months ago and I saved their URL, otherwise they are nowhere to be seen in search engines. Tell them you are interested in their products/work and you have a few questions to ask. You must mention that they can talk about their products. At least one of your questions should be about their products.

Asking for interview is not like asking for free content. Typically when you ask someone to interview him that person feels complimented. He wants to make a good job answering your questions and he wants to share it with his website visitors and fans.

You win in so many ways:

  • you get free content,
  • you get quality backlinks,
  • your website looks like a big deal because you actually can interview someone,
  • you make new friends in your field.

Give it a try and tell me how it goes.

9 Replies to “Great Way to Get Free Content and Quality Backlinks”

  1. I agree with your post. I saw many bloggers post interview of good bloggers around them. Its a nice way to get contents and also there are chances get backlinks from that blogger.

    1. Welcome to my blog Suraj and thanks for your comment! Yes, it’s a common advice, but for me it was more about adding a new voice, something exciting, something I could never think of by myself. The links are a nice addition.

      Looking at your blog right now, looks really good and useful 🙂

  2. Yes, guest blogging requires time and you need to be very careful while choosing any post to publish in your blog. Interviews can be a good source of free content, but Elna, to get a good interview, you need to work not less hard than to research for a good post. You can’t just pick a person and throw questions, can you?

    1. Yes Suresh, you are right! I mentioned that I didn’t research much on the bodybuilding star, but once she said yes I spend hours researching her and thinking how to put questions so that everyone is happy.

      Japanese were easier though. I wrote a short intro, I threw a few questions on how Japanese women were different from Western women in their skincare routine, what products they would recommend and where to find them. That’s all. I believe it was 4 or 5 questions but the guy did outstanding job answering them. Everyone was happy because they have to pay at least $2 per click to get people to their store but now my site sends them people daily for free. Not a huge number of people but at least a few every day at absolutely no cost. It’s a win-win situation.

  3. Wow! this is really a genius idea. I never though of this before. Your article really got me excited. The only problem about this is asking the right questions so you can get a really good answers.

    1. Hi Ryan and welcome to my blog 🙂

      It’s really more simple than it seems. I suspect that in some niches, like if you are blogging about blogging, or marketing niches it might be a little bit harder to get an interview. For example, for this blog I didn’t even try to approach someone for interview yet. But in most other niches people will usually feel complimented. You can then go and study their site and what they do and ask a few questions (I usually ask 4-6 questions). I build questions in a way that the answer should have it all – fun, informative and fulfilling the bottom line of interviewee. This usually means first talking about what they are doing and what problem they are solving, then asking about their products, like what would they recommend etc. The last question is always how and where my visitors can find them. This way everyone is happy.

      If you want to maximize your chances of success go for someone who has a product to sell and a low-trafficked website. See who is advertising with Adwords – maybe you can find your perfect match there.

  4. Wow this is an awesome tip. I am looking for unique ways to get the word out there about my blog and this is GREAT!

    Once I start getting more visitors I plan on integrating them with interviews and things of that nature.

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