Frequent Posting and Short Posts Work Best for Me

This is just a quick post to report something I find very interesting. I was making experiments with my other website and found that when I increase posting frequency to three posts a day my repeat visitors numbers grow by at least 15 percent!

Now this is huge for me, because I tried posting daily before but there was no difference. For some reason it only has positive effect on my numbers when I post three posts per day, one post isn’t enough.

It might seem like hard thing to do, and I agree, it’s not effortless, but your posts can be (or perhaps should be) short. You don’t have to write three 1000-word posts or even three 500-word posts. Just write something interesting – anything. I report news, latest research, post quick tips, review interesting products – you get the picture.

Another positive change is bounce rate. When I write these short posts / articles, my bounce rate goes down. It’s embarrassing that it took me so long to understand this. I was convinced that to be taken seriously my articles should be at least 500 words, but as it turns out, that’s not what most people want.

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