Content Writing – The Power of Being Yourself

I have a number of websites and up till now I used my real name and profile only here. On my other websites, I used to use words like “we” and appear like a serious company. And really, most of the time I wasn’t alone. I did a lot of outsourcing. In fact I had a huge success with outsourcing. I even considered myself good enough to write a detailed tutorial on how to get native English speakers write for you for less. It’s here.

This strategy works. However there is a few downsides.


When you appear like a big company, you are held to a higher standard. I don’t suggest for a second that if you are a simple blogger you can get away with low quality. You probably can’t – at least not in a long term. But you can be yourself enough to have a little spelling mistake here and there. You can speak your own simple language. If someone absolutely hates your non-native English, he has plenty of other websites and blogs to choose from (and you don’t hesitate to let this be known, just in case).

To make things worse, most people won’t purchase your products or services, however they will demand free consultations, answers to their questions and scold you if your English is less than perfect.

It’s less rewarding

In fact, it’s not rewarding experience at all. When you are being yourself, creating content is fun. You have a feeling you are talking to your friends and once you are done with your post you feel great. It’s relaxing indeed, as if you had a cup of coffee with your best friend at Starbucks. It doesn’t even feel like work.

This post is a good example. I don’t expect it to rank for anything. I am not trying to sell you anything in this post (you might see some intext affiliate links – they are created automatically). If no one ever reads this – I am not sad, after all this blog was supposed to be my diary. I realize that not everyone wants to know how I feel and it’s okay. My payoff is in simply writing this just for the sake of venting my webmaster’s feelings and expressing my opinion.

What I did

I am always concerned about my privacy. You know these old school friends that find you via Facebook? I will confess – I don’t like it. At least most of the time. If they really cared for me, they would keep in touch before Facebook was ever founded. But they didn’t. I am also not really interested to let them know what I do for living. If you are a web publisher, you know most people don’t get it. And if you are like me, you are tired of explaining – they probably won’t get it anyway.

So what I did is I took a pen name! Now I can use words like “I” and be myself. This doesn’t mean I will stop outsourcing, but I will definitely enjoy contributing to my own web publishing business much more. I wrote my very first post under my new pen name just now and guess what, it was almost 900 words and I didn’t even feel I made an effort! I am not sure how long it took me, but it felt like nothing more than 15 minutes. Funny things happen when you stop counting words, worrying about conversions and are simply being yourself.

I just wrote another 600 words. Not everyone will find this post horribly useful, but it’s ok. The payoff is in the pleasure of writing – something I didn’t experience for a while.