How to Install and Activate Hyper Cache Extended

To me Hyper Cache Extended is the best cache plugin ever! It makes your site fast and saves you money by allowing you to use shared hosting when you technically should be paying for dedicated server). Although Hyper Cache extended is easy to use, if you are new to WordPress and cPanel you might get confused when this plugin will request to edit wp-config.php file. This is a quick post to explain you how to use it.

After installing and activating Hyper Cache extended, go to cPanel –> File Manager (NOT Legacy File Manager).

file manager

Click on that, choose web root (public_html) and click Go.

choose directory cpanel

Now you will see all WordPress files. You will need to find wp-config.php (NOT wp-config-sample.php)

wp-config in file manager cpanel

Before you do any changes to wp-config back it up by downloading or copying and pasting it to plain text editor. This is VERY important, because any mistake there and you are offline until you figure out what you did wrong. If you have backup, you can simply reupload it immediately and you are back online, although I hope you will not need to do this.

Open wp-config.php (right click + Edit) and find the line that says:

 * For developers: WordPress debugging mode.

Paste the code just BEFORE it:

define("WP_CACHE", true);

like this:

hyper cache

Click Save. Semicolon is MEANT to be there too, so don’t forget it. And please do not copy code from this site, copy it from your dashboard.

Refresh your site and see if it works OK to make sure you didn’t mess it up accidentally.

Please be careful not to add any extra space anywhere in that file or erase something accidentally.

Then go back to your WordPress dashboard and find Hyper Cache Extended plugin settings, review them and see if you want to change anything. For example, you can exclude some pages from caching. I exclude my upcoming sales page so people can see changes I do there immediately. If you don’t have anything like that just save on default and it should be fine. You are done! It will take anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of hours for you to notice changes in speed, because it generates cache page by page.

Some of you may notice that Hyper Cache Extended actually tells you to paste its code before define('WPLANG', '');. The reason why we don’t do that anymore is because the latest version of WordPress doesn’t have that line. If you have an older version with define('WPLANG', '');, then of course go ahead an paste it right after it. Here is how it was supposed to look in older versions of wp-config.php:

So that you understand better what happens, WP is driven by database. Right now every time you load a page php code in your cPanel has to communicate to database and pull data every single time you load page. This makes your site slow and is also bad for resources. If you don’t have much traffic you won’t notice any difference, but for moderately high to higher traffic sites it is difference between paying $10 a month hosting and $120 a month hosting.

What this plugin does is it generates a static version of every page and presents it to visitor every time somebody tries to load your page. That is much faster and better for everyone – you, your host, your visitor and Google rankings. You should also know that this means that because your page is cached, when you make some changes to it, your visitors will not see them immediately. If you keep settings on default, your visitors will see new changes only after about 24 hours. If you make an important change you want everyone to see immediately, you can always go to Hyper Cache Extended settings and clear cache, but don’t do it too often. Only when necessary.

Do not install any other cache plugins when you have this one. You should only have one cache plugin at a time and, in my experience, this is the best one although very few people seem to recognize that. There are other more popular cache plugins but I found problems with each of them.

Again, back up wp-config.php before any changes and be careful when editing.