Report Content Scrapers to Adsense for Policy Violation

Most of us have passed through frustrating experience of discovering that our content has been scraped by another website. It is even more frustrating when you keep emailing the scrapers begging to take your content down and receive no answer.  When your website is still young this type of things  can really hurt you and you might consider confronting the copycats using more serious weapons than simply begging them to remove your stuff from their sites.

WARNING: this is a radical method. It absolutely works, but it is better to give them a chance to correct their mistake by asking first. If you were ignored (which is usually the case) and if they are using Adsense on your content you can report them to Adsense for policy violation. You can do so by simply clicking Ad choices, scroll down until you see: “Report a policy violation regarding the site or ads you just saw”, choose “website”, then choose ” The site violates Adsense program policies in other ways”, explain what happened in a few words in details area, leave your email and you are done.

Now how does this get your content removed? It doesn’t. But in my experience it won’t take more than 2-3 days for their Adsense ads disappear. Once the ads are gone these sites typically lose the reason to continue. In one case the content stayed for a while and then the entire site disappeared as domain was due to renewal. In another case all pages were deleted and replaced with another content which they apparently hoped to monetize in some other way.

After a week or so, when Adsense account of scraper site will be banned you will receive an automated email from Google that suggests that you file to DMCA as well, but usually you won’t have to bother, because as I said the scrapers typically lose the reason for continuing their websites and disappear from the face of web entirely.