Did Ask.com Hijack Your Chrome Browser? Probably Not!

Yesterday I had to deal with a very frustrating issue. I was forced to use my old laptop that I personally didn’t use for a while and whenever I tried to type in a URL of my own website or any other website in browser I would be redirected to Ask.com search results (or ad results). This happened although the URLs I was typing were correct, so it definitely felt like my Chrome browser was hijacked.

The fix was quite simple (although I still have hard time to understand why I would be redirected when my URLs were correct). Here is what to do:

  • Click that strange button to the right of your browser as shown on the image below. When you hover over it it says: “Customize and control Google Chrome”. Then choose Settings from drop-down menu.
    Did Ask.com Hijack Your Chrome Browser?
    Yeah, I always have that many tabs open 🙂

  • A page will open. Scroll down to where you see:
    Set which search engine is used when searching from the omnibox. Sure enough, you have Ask.com chosen. Change it to Google or another search engine you can live with. Voilà!

    chrome omnibox settings

2 Replies to “Did Ask.com Hijack Your Chrome Browser? Probably Not!”

  1. If I do this and re-open my browser, it’s all Ask.com again. It’s like they know I changed the settings and immediately revert them

  2. This happened to me also and when I did a search on it I found it is happening to a lot of other people. Time for a lawsuit?

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