FileZilla Tip: Make Your FileZilla Speak English

Here is a little tip for FileZilla users. If your operation system’s language is other than English, your FileZilla installation will “speak” same language as your OP. Some of us could have issues with that:

  • you might have purchased your computer in another country and not understand the default OP language (I hate it!)
  • most of us are used to using English when it comes to computer terms. It’s the only time we prefer using English over our own languages.
  • You are learning something new and most tutorials and demos use English.

To fix the problem, uninstall your Filezilla, restart your computer and install FileZilla again here but this time make sure to UNCHECK “Install Language Files” in installation wizard. You will get English only version.

If you need more help with Filezilla, you can find it here – How to Use FileZilla to Upload Files to Your New Host.