Want to Have Your Logo in Google Search Results?

Something funny happened to me. I verified my authorship in Google and had my picture showing in search results. Then I decided I don’t want it there.

I was quite confident that if I change my picture to anything that cannot be confused with headshot, the picture will automatically disappear. I wanted to make a point that I am not trying to mislead Google and uploaded a picture of palm tree in desert instead of my own photo to my Google+ profile. The result? It has been four days and that palm tree is still showing next to my search results. Click-through rate? Great, as usual. How long this is going to last? No idea.
Want to Have a Logo in Your Search Results?

Now this is really interesting. Some people might want to take an advantage of this and upload their logos or something really catchy. I find this really amusing!

2 Replies to “Want to Have Your Logo in Google Search Results?”

  1. Cool! I thought this picture HAD to be a photo of you with your face clearly shown.
    Would be good if it lasted because for some affiliate niche sites, where I use a different pen name, I don’t want my real photo to show up.
    Did you just change your main profile picture on Google+ ?

    1. Oh yes, it must be confusing. You DO have to have your picture there. This post was written during my little experiment when I removed my photo and put the pal; photo instead. That palm tree was displaying Google search results for a little more than a week and then it was gone together with my name. So this is not something sustainable unless you can trick Google and put a picture of something that looks like a headshot but isn’t. I know put another picture, so my photo is back to search results.

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