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    I followed your instructions (Sbi site to wordpress using Hostgator) up to where I install WordPress on the ip address Hostgator supplied. Did the favicom stuff and typed my ip-adress + hostgator password into the browser to see my wordpress site and got the message: server can’t be found. Tried to login to WordPress but also no joy.

    I carefully retraced my steps and figured out that (when I opened my account with Hostgator) I added ‘www’ to my domain name instead or using just ‘mysite.com’. I contacted Hostgator to sort it out and am awaiting their response now.

    Is that why I can’t see my wordpress site and if yes, do I have to find a way to cancel that wordpress installation and re-do the whole thing?

    Thank you so much for your instructions – I will be lost without the work you’ve put in to create it. 🙂



    Hi Andriette,

    I am sure this is the reason why you are getting an error. You can uninstall it by going back to Fantastico or QuickInstall (whatever you used) and there you will see your current installation and uninstall button next to it. It’s a little challenging to find it but it’s there. Here is where you find Fantastico uninstall button:

    In any case, I would wait for reply from Hostgator. Maybe they will remove that themselves. Let me know if you face any further issues.

    One more thing: I believe you got the account via my affiliate link (thank you for that!) If you are the person I have in mind, then it seems like you clicked purchase button twice, because your domain shows twice. And so that we don’t have any confusion it is a site about dating.

    If that is you, please make sure they didn’t charge you twice too.



    Thank you Elena for getting back to me. I really appreciate your time and help. I feel like a total newbie with this although I’m an old Sbi’er. Yes, I used your affiliate link 🙂 and had a quick look at my Ppaypal account but wasn’t (thank goodness) billed twice. Not sure what happened there as I paid via Paypal and gone through the process only once.

    Yes, it is the dating advice site.

    Hostgator got back to me and they did change it from http://www.mysite.com to mysite.com. When I click on the Fantastico icon in Hostgators C-panel my site is listed as installed on wordpress. On clicking on ‘view site’ I’m taken to my website. What does that mean? Isn’t it supposed to take me to wordpress?

    When I typed – ip~password – to go to the wordpress control panel (as in your tutorial) I was taken to a ‘no such url’ page on my website. Yikes!

    Not sure what to do now. Should I uninstall and start again? My visitor stats (statcounter and analytics are still the usual daily numbers)

    My apologies for taking so long to get back to you – I didn’t receive a notification when you answered my question. I found your answer while looking through your forum for tips 🙂

    Once again – thank you so much!



    Hi Andriette, don’t worry about it. There is a little box you can check to receive reply notifications via email (although sometimes it does end up in spam folder 🙁 ).

    Now regarding your questions,

    1. For uninstalling / reinstalling WP

    It is probably unnecessary, but if I was you I would do that to make sure nothing went wrong when Hostgator modified things. Again, probably not necessary but I would personally do that.

    2. For what you are seeing right now

    You are taken to your SBI site, because you forgot to go to your database and change yoursiteurl.com for IP address and username. That was discussed in Step 1 right after installing WordPress.

    That will be your preview URL which will allow you to work on your WP site while your SBI site is live and well still with SBI. Transfer doesn’t happen until you switch name servers, so your will be seeing stats for your site as it’s hosted by SBI till then.

    So you need to go back to tutorial and find that bit where it’s explained how to go to PHP admin and change normal site URL for IP address + username combo for preview URL. This is VERY IMPORTANT step. Please don’t forget there are TWO lines in database to be modified.

    Good luck and if you need anything let me know 🙂



    Going there right now and doing it. Thank you – you just showed me the light at the end of the tunnel 🙂

    I re-installed just now to be sure everything is ok and starting from a clean slate.

    Will report back … 🙂



    I realized my mistake – I stopped reading your instruction to go and do it and should have read the next sentence after the ‘do this’ instruction. Ha ha!

    Did the deed successfully but ran into another problem (sigh). I got this message when I entered this – – in the browser:

    ‘One or more database tables are unavailable. The database may need to be repaired.’

    I clicked on the help link supplied and this explanation showed: To allow use of this page to automatically repair database problems, please add the following line to your wp-config.php file. Once this line is added to your config, reload this page.

    define(‘WP_ALLOW_REPAIR’, true);

    Should I follow this instruction and where do I find the wp-config.php file?



    Hmmm… This is not a standard issue. How did you uninstall your previous WP installation? Did you uninstall it via Fantastico or you deleted files manually?

    Is there any tiny chance that you by accident modified something in database that doesn’t have to be modified?

    Or, for example, modified correctly but didn’t click “Go” (save) button so things weren’t saved?

    Again, you had to modify and save TWO lines.

    If none of the above is true, I wouldn’t follow their instructions but uninstall and install again. And modify the database again. It’s just quicker and easier than messing with code you don’t understand.



    To add to what I said above, if you can’t seem to figure it out I can do that for you, it doesn’t take me more than a couple of minutes, but obviously you will have to send me your Hostgator login details (you can change your hostgator password later). faletova (at) gmail. com Just in case 🙂



    Thank you so much Elana for staying with me on this.

    I uninstalled via Favicon.

    Yes, I modified just the 2 lines and clicked ‘Go’ after each modification.

    Interesting – when I click on ‘view site’ in the WordPress -> new installation – it still shows my website. I must have done something wrong during the 2 modifications although when looking at the database – the modifications are there and correct.

    Will definitely uninstall and start again as this is getting too complicated for someone who needs simple and easy. Uurgg!

    Will keep you updated …



    Emailed you. Thank you 🙂

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