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    Hi Elena,
    First, I have been looking through your tutorial and am quite impressed with your knowledge and how easy you make it look.

    I am with SBI now with a still fledgling site. My niche is too broad and I am wanting to break the site into two sites. Is there a way to keep my domain name and transfer the relevant pages to WordPress and the less relevant pages to a new site with WordPress?

    I am quite tech challenged but can follow step by step instructions.



    Hello Elizabeth and welcome to my site 🙂

    First of all this:

    I am quite tech challenged but can follow step by step instructions.

    You probably underestimate yourself 🙂

    So what you want is to split your existing SBI website into two WordPress websites, which is possible of course.

    I can think of two ways of doing this – one faster way and another one is a safer and a more proper way (in case you have traffic to pages you want to put to new domains).

    Faster way

    • Get new domain for new site and a hosting account which allows multiple domains.
    • While your old site is still with SBI paste pages you wish to transfer to new domain. To avoid duplicate content issues you probably will have to delete them from your SBI site as you go.
    • Transfer your old website using my tutorials.

    Downside: Many 404 page not found on your old website. Any traffic to these pages will be lost. Links will be lost as well (although it is possible to restore them later using redirects).

    Proper, safer and longer way

    • Get a hosting account which allows more than one domain.
    • Transfer your entire site from SBI to WordPress using my tutorials.
    • Then add a second domain to your existing hosting account and install WordPress on it.
    • Now copy and paste pages you want to transfer from your first WordPress website to your second WordPress website.
    • As you transfer pages set up 301 redirects which will preserve any traffic and links

    Downside: part of your pages have to be done twice. First when you transfer your SBI website to WordPress “as is”, then when you transfer these pages to new domain.

    Provided the fact that links are probably not just from other sites but also from other pages on your old website, the first method will also create quite a mess to clean up. I would probably go with second, although it seems like double work.



    Okay, great!

    I think I will go the second route while I have so little traffic and have only 60 pages or so to transfer. A slower and safer route has always appealed to me.

    I will get hosting account with multiple domain capability and break site apart at my leisure.

    Thank you so much. I’m sure you’ll be hearing more from me.



    Elena, I’m not sure I’m posting in the right forum so feel free to move “wherever”.

    I’m already a little confused and may have gone the wrong route with my move to WordPress.

    I chose the option to switch my SBI to WordPress and have followed the steps carefully. I am on Step 4 – choosing a theme with the next step being to copy and paste content.

    However, when looking at the option to transfer my site to another host you say we can copy the whole site in its entirety.

    Did I choose the wrong tutorial? Is it too late for me to do that instead of copying and moving all of my images as well as content?

    I’m afraid it will take me much longer to copy and paste content than it even did to switch from BB1 to BB2.




    No I think you are fine. As I understand you are using the latest tutorial written in December 2013:

    How to Move a Website from SBI! to WordPress

    In the beginning of that tutorial I described the difference between the two tutorials old one which teaches you to transfer static website first and new one that teaches you to jump straight to WordPress.

    There is no way to copy your entire website to WordPress in one go.

    60 pages is really not much and I estimate you can do that in a few hours, probably split over two or three days depending on how much time you have.



    Okay, thanks again. (Do you sleep?)



    Okay, thanks again. (Do you sleep?)

    Lol, I just woke up! Thanks for asking 😀

    If you need anything don’t hesitate to post 🙂



    I am back but do not have a question or problem unless being very slow is one.

    I just wanted to comment that although WordPress is quite different from SBI, when I do master a certain task I am saying, “Well isn’t that simple.”

    Text is very easy to transfer but the images are taking a bit longer. I’m afraid I’ll have both sites for a bit.



    Hi Elizabeth,

    if you have all your images you want to upload in one separate folder on your computer you can do this:

    1. Without opening any page or post click on Media –> Add New in the left. You will get this screen:

    2. Open the folder with your images on your computer and select all images at once (or at least a big batch of images).

    3. Drag selected images to WordPress and drop them there.

    They will take care of their own.

    All images will be uploaded automatically. Then when you need to insert any particular image to a page you will click “Add Media” and choose image you want to insert from your Media Gallery that was already uploaded.

    I think this is a very good and effective way of working with large number of images. Also WordPress creates several sizes of each image automatically which is quite handy. You don’t need to resize anything.

    Hope this makes it easier for you 🙂

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    I know I am really slow but only get to work on my transfer in evenings and weekends.

    I have copied all of my pages to WordPress with a little editing yet to complete but have a question about “SBI leftover” pages. 1). FBI thank you and Mail out Manager pages don’t seem relevant to new site. 2). I also had google search with a search page that I don’t think I’ll need or use. 3). Will I need to keep a “no such url” page or is that not an issue? 4). Will the Pinterst download 53d4c transfer?




    Hi Elizabeth,

    glad to see you again 🙂

    1) SBI household pages are not relevant, you are right.

    2) WordPress has its own search but it doesn’t work very well so you still want to use Google search. I guess the best would be to use plugin like Google Custom Search. Go to Plugins –> Add New and type in this name and it will come out. Install activate and follow the instructions (you will find them under Settings –> Google Custom Search after you activate the plugin).

    3) No need to worry about No such URL, WordPress will take care of it.

    4) You need to upload Pinterest file yourself. Here is how:

    4.1 Go to yourdomain.com/cpanel and login with your Hostgator username and password (not WordPress)

    4.2. Navigate to File Manager (not to be confused with Legacy File Manager) and click on it to access your files in public_html directory.

    4.3 Once you are there click Upload button (folder with green arrow on the top) and upload Pinterest file.

    That’s it!

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