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    Because my SBI site has about 110,000 visitors / month, I require a Hostgator Business account as a dedicated server. Part of that package includes migration by Hostgator. I’m told the site will be cached and not go live until I’ve re-directed with GoDaddy and made appropriate changes.

    I purchased your SBI to WP e-book and am wondering at what point I need to begin going through the steps after Hostgator has completed their end.

    Thanks for you great info.



    Hi Shirley,

    I suggest that you don’t go with Hostgator. I successfully host a site with such traffic on A Small Orange and pay only $10 per month for their Medium account. The site goes viral from time to time and when it does, I have even more traffic and it’s just fine. I also have more space there.

    I honestly didn’t understand anything you said about GoDaddy. Hostgator wants you to point servers to them right away from GoDaddy? Are you planning to transfer your domain to a GoDaddy account while your site will be on Hostgator? You shouldn’t transfer your domain to GoDaddy before you transfer the site itself. If you do, you will experience downtime. Hostgator doesn’t know specific needs of SBI! customers so this suggestion would be very wrong.

    I strongly suggest that you get a Medium account at A Small Orange and stick to the tutorial without worrying about what Hostgator told you. I am not an affiliate for A Small Orange, but I am using it myself (as I also use Hostgator). A Small Orange is better than Hostgator for websites with some serious traffic. Hostgator is cheaper for small to moderate traffic websites, A Small Orange is MUCH cheaper for high traffic websites and the quality is outstanding 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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