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    I have finally, and totally to your credit, changed my name server to HostGator and registered with although it does not expire until December. Transfer has been approved.

    I think my site looks great and it functions so much better than SBI. I am using the SuperNova theme.

    So…I can cancel my SBI subscription/membership (or whatever it’s called).. right? Just a wee bit nervous.



    Hi Elizabeth, congratulations! I think we all felt same way when did this first but trust me you will be over it very soon and you will love control you have over your website. Generally, I think people become much more productive with WordPress because when you get used to it it’s very easy and convenient.

    If you already switched your name servers and transferred your domain (and received confirmation from that they have your domain) you are already done. There is no need to feel nervous about cancelling because your site already has nothing to do with them. Cancelling is only to prevent SBI! to charge you automatically when next payment was normally due.

    Even your domain doesn’t expire until December added to it one more year so I guess now the expiry date is December 2015 but you can check it in your dashboard.

    If you followed everything step by step you will be fine, don’t worry. If you want to be extra sure just read the tutorial again and make sure you didn’t forget anything.

    I was just looking at some websites and noticed some mistakes that people did. I am not sure why this happens from time to time because I have many warnings, but some people are just so busy I guess so they skim over and do mistakes in rush.

    Overall, here are some common mistakes people do:

    1. Not using Hyper Cache Extended for site speed so their sites become sluggish

    2. Using huge colorful background images that make their sites super slow. Hyper Cache Extended will fix the problem though, although I would still drop it unless image is black and white which loads faster.

    3. Not entering domain TWICE in database at the end. What happens is that site works, but because they forget to edit second line their images URLs remain on IP address. Things display properly though that’s why it’s hard to notice. Their images URLs look something like this:


    If it seems like you did everything right and still images URLs are on IP, follow these steps for an easy fix.

    4. Using too many plugins and not deleting inactive plugins and themes, which makes sites slow and exposed to security risks.

    5. Forgetting to add www. before domain

    6. Forgetting to add .html at the end

    7. Not making sure their URLs are exactly same in general.

    8. Using posts instead of pages for old content. This is not a mistake but it’s a bit advanced because you need to know how to handle categories and tags to keep your site exactly same.

    9. Changing link structure and / or menus from what it was originally on SBI site.

    10. Not using Captcha plugin for comments and leaving the comments on auto approve.

    11. Forgetting to add exactly same page descriptions to their pages.

    12. Not ensuring that homepage title is EXACTLY same (some people will kind of leave it at and that’s it).

    I think this covers most common issues I see. So if you have time double check these. And there is nothing to worry about. Even if you find an issue it is all fixable. Remember to backup from time to time if you are still adding to site or just once if you are not adding. That’s it!




    Thank you. I tried to follow step by step but I admit I messed up on some things but did correct.

    On this last checklist I’m okay on all except #2) my background is a muted color and I love it but I’m wondering if the slider image is too much (my site is – I can’t remember how to make it a link for you). I just installed the hyper-cache today and haven’t noticed a change yet. #3) yep, my images are still IP address – will fix.

    Your help has been invaluable to me. I cannot believe I was able to do some of the things necessary to make the switch.

    I am once again looking forward to combining a chatty blog along with an informational site…and all just for fun (except for a few ads).

    Thank you



    This type of images is safe. I meant huge photos of 100 colors in them that take a lot of time to load. Yours is totally fine and YAY, your site looks so beautiful!!!

    I noticed you have a problem with your site title too. You definitely need to fix it as soon as possible. There is basically no title and in site tagline you have very long description:

    It is within the pages sections of Living-Fifties-Fashion that …

    and so on.

    You can see it when you hover next to your favicon in browser’s tab or by checking Title tag in source code.

    I assume your site title should be “Living 50s Fashion”? If so go to Settings –> General and edit your site title and tagline to what you want it to be.

    It loads fast for me (I am in the Middle East) and I checked it from New York and it loaded in 2.05 seconds. That’s quite good. Have you activated Hyper Cache extended properly with wp-config.php and everything?

    You also need to lock your domain at if you didn’t do it yet. According to WhoIs it’s still unlocked.

    Let me know if you need anything else or are having problems with any of these.



    I have worked on the site errors you found for me. I added a site title and don’t know how I missed that. I shortened the site tagline. I followed your tutorial for the hyper cache extended and think I did it correctly. I have cancelled SBI, got my successful transfer email from, and locked my domain.

    There are many things I would like to do with my site – mostly cosmetic and plan to make time to review WordPress guides.

    I did go back to make sure I edited my domain in the database twice and think I have done exactly as in tutorial. My images still have the IP address. As you said, they do display okay. I’m just not sure what’s up with that. Do I need to go in and change something with all my images.

    Thank you once again.



    I did go back to make sure I edited my domain in the database twice and think I have done exactly as in tutorial. My images still have the IP address.

    I am not sure why this happens to some people and doesn’t happen to some others but you are certainly not alone. The weird thing is that the baby picture on your homepage has correct URL and inner pages have IP. Anyway, here is what I would do:

    1. Go to Settings –> General and make sure that BOTH WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) both have your

    2. Even if it does appear correct I would press Save Changes once again (sometimes things just don’t get saved properly).

    3. If Hyper Cache Extended is activated I would go to Plugins –> Installed Plugins –> Hyper Cache Extended and press Clear Cache button

    4. Now go to your site, refresh the page and see if it helped. Are your images still displaying IP instead of domain? If so, then Step 5…

    5. I would first download my database backup via cPanel, Backup Wizard –>Full or Partial Backup –>My SQL Databases and click on database name to download it.

    6. Go to your WP dashboard and in plugins search and install plugin called Better Search and Replace by Expanded Fronts. Once installed, you can access its settings under Tools –> Better Search and Replace in your WordPress dashboard.

    7. We are going to correct image URLs by changing your preview URL that begins with this:


    to your normal URL that looks something like this:

    Here is the screenshot of how your “Better Search and Replace Settings” should look like (you can click on it to enlarge):

    Run Search and Replace with Dry Run disabled. It should be fine now. Go back to your site, refresh and make sure that your images are not broken and that their URL is like expected.

    If you mess up something with Better Search and Replace, you can fix it in the same manner. As long as it’s something unique, you can use automated methods like this to edit your entire site in seconds. Just be careful. And back up your database before running it.


    UPDATE FOR THOSE WHO ARE USING ADDON DOMAINS: Please make sure to modify according to your preview URL. The example in above screenshot is for account with SBI! site set as primary domain. If you are using addon domain your preview URL was a bit different so it’s different here too. Please get this right. Typically that would be similar to this:


    and it has to be changed to

    Be attentive here. Because it is possible to access an addon domain under several preview URLs it is hard for me to say what exactly your particular URL should be. Use your own logical thinking. Under what URL are previewing your regular pages? The beginning of that URL should be the beginning for your image files as well.

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    Oh Elena! It worked without having to go to step 5. Thank you ever so much.

    I am taking a break for the rest of our Memorial Day weekend and then will go through the WordPress guide more thoroughly.

    I so appreciate your help and honestly could not have done it without this tutorial and the wonderful support I received from you.

    I am very happy with the results.

    Have a great day and thanks again.



    Thanks Elena. This tutorial helped. Have a great one.



    You are SOOOO welcome Roger 🙂



    Elena, it worked again for me (another website) and I remain thankful.



    That’s great to hear! Thanks for posting, Roger! 🙂



    HI Elena and other successful SBI’s mover’s
    Does the paid tutorial explain how to move from SBI to a worpress theme or just to move html site on SBI to an html site on hostgator?
    Is it possible to carry through all the html links to wordpress with loosing them. I though worpress was only php.
    I have over 300 content pages to move. How long can I expect it to take? My renewal is up in February 2016.



    Hi Lisa,

    My paid tutorial teaches you how to convert your SBI website to WordPress (using WordPress any theme) with .html extensions at the end so your old URLs will not change.

    300 pages will take some serious time, but it all depends on you and how much time you have. I have seen people moving within days, and I have seen people taking up to three months.



    Hi Elena. It’s been a while since I last communicated with you. The time has come for me to start the process.
    I have decided that I want to fully transfer to wordpress (divi theme) and not use html. will this make things more difficult? I know wordpress well (I’ve been building sites for clients for 2 years) and if I am not mistaken then when I choose the permalink i should choose “Post-name”. The page name will stay the same as the html name. I will need to remove from all my content the ‘.html’ and make sure the links are exactly the same as the automatic slug name. (it may be case sensetive as alot of my page names are with caps) Do I make sense?
    Will your tutorial give me some tips how to do this correctly? I own a reseller plan on hostgator so thought I’d set up the new site on a subdomain (hidden from crawlers) and once it is completed move the domain to the hosting plan and transfer the site from the develpment space to the newly set up domain. agian, does this sound like a logical process? I have until the end of january to complets this move.



    Hi lisaerez,

    if you were building sites for clients and know WP well, you definitely don’t need my tutorial. I would only correct you regarding permalinks: you can install a plugin called .html on pages, set permalinks to “post name”, then you will be able to edit automatic slugs to custom slugs and have exactly same URLs like you do on your SBI site right now. This way you won’t need any redirects. I am pretty sure you can figure out the rest.

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