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    When creating your new site in WordPress, what do you prefer to use, posts or pages? I was thinking to use Posts for content, pages for my site policies. I know I will need to take care of the permalinks and the .html extension. ย Thanks so much for your help!




    Hello Kris,

    I moved your post in WordPress forum ๐Ÿ™‚

    The answer is it depends on your website. If your website is magazine-style, more blog-like type where you post often, I’d use posts. I like how the category lists are arranged automatically when you use posts and I like to have dates on my content. In this case I would use posts for content and pages for legal pages, sales pages etc. In this case you won’t need any special plugins to add .html at the end. You will simply go to

    Settings –>Permalinks–>Choose Custom Structure and paste in the box precisely this:


    The issue is this will create tags and categories pages, which will change your site structure when we want it exactly same, at least for now. There is also duplicate content issue and if I begin to explain how to handle that I will confuse a lot of people.

    On the other hand, if you don’t update very often then definitely use pages. Simply duplicate the structure you had when you were static and use .html on pages plugin or something similar.

    The classic example of how to use posts and pages would probably be something like Copyblogger does. He pitches his own products on homepage, he has email signup there, and somewhere down a link to recent blog posts. He also has link to his blog in navbar. That’s where free content is. This is a good model for businesses.

    If you don’t have your own product this model won’t make much sense though. So, it depends. You could of course, use pages for old articles and publish everything new as posts – WordPress is very flexible. I don’t believe there is any SEO preference so you probably should do what makes sense in your situation.


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    Thank you so much!!!



    hi i cant seem to find my posts on your forum discussing a similar matter oh well!
    Anyway i just found out something you might be interested in for your future readers.
    You can remove the date of a post , under post info, by installing the Genesis – Simple Edits plugin! This is of course if you are using Genesis template.

    I want to believe other templates may have something similar.

    That way you could convert your former sbi pages into wordpress posts. instead of pages. Wished i had found this before converting my sbi pages to wordpress pages… oh well, we learn everyday ๐Ÿ™‚



    Hi iyatutun,

    your threads are here

    and your replies are here

    You can see them all by clicking on your profile link.

    As for posts dates issue, some templates will let you hide it and many won’t. It can be always achieved if you know a little bit of PHP or perhaps there are plugins for that.

    I am not completely sure that turning your old pages into posts is completely safe for your search engine rankings. Even if the date is hidden from readers, it might be still visible to search engines. I, of course, do not have solid proof for that, but because I feel responsibility for recommending / advising one thing or another I tend to suggest the safest option.

    Similarly, I always suggest people to wait a little before converting to WordPress after the transfer. Too many changes at once are not a good thing.



    Elena, I would like to be clear about what happens after installing .html plugin. Apart from old pages in SBI being retained as .html, would my new content become .html too if I want them to be blog posts?

    You mentioned Copyblogger as a good example where time sensitive content are treated as post and while evergreen content are given as pages. I went into clicking their blog and articles links. Their blog and articles do not display dates. Are they using post or page?



    It’s really not just about date. There are other concerns too. When you are changing website’s content management system, design and host you don’t want to change linking structure. You need to keep your website as close to what it was as possible (which is possible with WordPress).

    If you use posts for your old content your site won’t be exactly same, because WordPress will automatically create category pages and if you use tags it will create tag pages, archive pages, author pages and so on. All this didn’t exist in your old SBI site.

    For this reason I think it’s best to use pages with .html for pages plugin and all your pages will have .html at the end, old or new.

    However, if you like posts feature you can use posts for your new content and that new content (if written using posts NOT pages) will not have .html

    Whatever you choose you are fine.

    CopyBlogger now removes dates from posts, it’s something you can do with some WordPress themes. I do that too on my other sites.

    Hope this helps ๐Ÿ™‚



    Thanks Elena. You have been very helpful. You always make the complex easy to understand for people new to WordPress.

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