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    I’m trying to see the site preview but I get a 404 error. I’m doing this format:


    I’m still getting the 404 error. Any advice?



    If you added an addon domain correctly and are using correct IP address you should be seeing your site. In addition you should make sure you uploaded your site’s files to correct folder, the one specifically for addon domain.

    Double check your addon, IP, username and if everything seems correct contact Hostgator support for more assistance.

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    Hello Elena, I am having the same problem… I am havng the same problem. I added domain, uploaded wordpress (said all ok).
    at this point of tutorial
    “Are you done already? If you go now to

    you should see your WordPress site with default template. It may lack styling at this point but it’s nothing to worry about. We will fix that in the next step.

    (Note: in you should replace my IP address with yours and YourUserName with your host’s username (not the one that you just created for WordPress!))”

    I used the ip address from cpanel (siteground) and tried the server hostname in cpanel, also tried my username on email sent to me. Nothing, getting this:
    “•You have uploaded correctly your files to the public_html directory which is the web-root of your account;
    •You have not misspelled the URL. Bear in mind that letters are case sensitive and no white spaces are recommended;
    •In case you have applied SEO – SEF URL rewriting rules, make sure you have re-named the htaccess.txt file to .htaccess. If there is already a non-empty .htaccess file read it and make sure the necessary rules are un-commented. ”

    I tried flushing the cache in cpanel as well.

    without seeing the home page, I am not sure if I can carry on with tutorial?



    Hi Kenny, as discussed earlier today, you already have a primary domain that is NOT the domain of your SBI! site. The tutorial is written with primary domain as example (because it’s the case of most people), but there is a note that mentions your specific case.

    http://123.45.67/~username would work for your primary domain, but for your addon domain it will either http://23.234.567/~username/mysbidomain


    Before you can view anything, you need to modify your database accordingly with this preview URL in mind. When you modify and save database you should be able to see your site on your preview URL.

    This is mentioned in the tutorial in the blue box. If you open the tutorial and hit CTRL+F (on Windows) and search for words “Only for those”, you will be taken to exact location of the part of the tutorial where I mentioned this.

    Don’t worry, you’ll be OK. Having to work with an addon domain instead of primary domain adds a bit of confusion when you are doing it for the first time, but it’s not something too complicated.

    There could be some SiteGround specific differences, which I unfortunately can’t help with, but I think it should be mostly same.

    Hope I clarified the issue.



    Thanks Elena, I think that I sorted the issue. Just got to think when doing…think I got it though. and saw a nice little plug in for html sitemap when loading plug ins… which I was always wanting on sitesell.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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