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    Hi, I decided to register a new web address for the process of converting my SBI site to a WordPress site. It’s the same words, just without the dashes, so will be

    Since I don’t have to worry about Sitesell unlocking my domain, etc., I believe all I have to do when ready to publish is create 301 permanent redirects for all my pages, correct? And do I do this and publish before I cancel my SBI account?

    In other words, If I outright cancel SBI, will my pages disappear from search engines before they can even be redirected? I hope my question makes sense, hope someone can help!



    Hi Maddy and welcome to the forum 🙂

    Unfortunately it’s not that simple. Your pages will definitely disappear if you do it the way you described – promise!

    If you wish to change your address, you still need to transfer your SBI! site. Here are the steps:

    1. Make sure your host allows you to host more than one domain under same account. If everything is OK, email support and tell them you already have a WordPress installation in public_html and you initially planned this to be And now, tell them, you changed your mind and this WordPress installation will be WHILE will be an addon domain redirecting to

    Just ask them if this will cause any conflicts with their system because they already have as your primary domain.

    They will either adjust their system or help you move your WordPress installation to an addon domain.

    This means you will need to create an addon domain for one of your sites (depending on your support’s reply).

    In this new scenario you will have either

    – as your primary domain which redirects to an addon domain that hosts (with WordPress installation moved to that folder).


    – as a primary domain and with old version of your website is hosted on an addon domain, which redirects to (that is if support can readjust their system for your primary site to be — it is not always possible).

    Once that is solved, proceed to step 2 which is:

    2. Transfer your SBI! site under old URLs using my free tutorial here.

    Yes, the site still has to be transferred and file names for every page should exist otherwise there is no way to redirect them to the new site.

    You should transfer files using the free tutorial and domain as well. You should keep renewing that domain even in the future because all links you acquired until now point to your old domain.

    3. Redirect every page of your old site to your new site.

    Hope I answered your question 🙂




    One more thing: in my reply above I assumed you already have a web hosting account and already began to work on WordPress conversion. If you didn’t do anything yet, post in this thread and I will give you a different reply.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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