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    Hi Elena

    I did try twice to post this reply to you on Kirsty’s site, but it keeps crashing, then when it comes back up it says the comments are duplicate…..yet they are not published on Kirsty’s site….anyway, my thoughts are below.

    My comments were not about “manipulation”, i believe as i am sure that you do that the SBI Traffic stats ARE a true reflection of the TOTAL traffic including all the spiders & bots that can quite easily outnumber the real traffic many times over… frustrations were:

    1/ they are misleading their clients by quoting traffic stats that are not accurate, with only the more senior SBIers aware of this. If they aim to provide misinformation then why not add it into the Action Guide so that new users understand what to expect & to add alternative more accurate methods of tracking the REAL traffic?.

    2/ As a regular buyer of sites through the SBI Forums, my comments were more about IF having bought an SBI site based upon SBI Traffic Stats and discovered that reality was that the site only had 25% of the traffic that was claimed, legally would I be within my rights to:
    a) demand a refund?.
    b) take legal action against the seller?.
    c) take legal action against Sitesell?.
    Do you see where I am coming from?….IF this situation was allowed to happen on Flippa or DigitalPoint Forum there would be uproar……yet Sitsell just sweep it under the carpet!.

    The problem with Sitesell Traffic Stats is exactly the same as for many of the other either broken or non-functioning areas of the SBI “package” in that they have been built at virtually no cost, which might have been cutting edge & acceptable a few years ago but are now are a liability particularly to newbies who look to Sitesell for COMPLETE guidance and understanding.




    Oh yes, I understand what you mean. My point was only that I don’t think they manipulate stats for individual sites. There are many other problems for sure.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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