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    I am in the process of moving my site from SBI and I received the below error log when I completed the download/ update on HTTrack and no idea what to do with them : )

    And do I need to go through the entire site to check if everything is OK, page by page.. not just what is reported on the error log?


    17:48:51 Warning:  file not stored in cache due to bogus state (broken size): http://www…../images/high-glycemic-load.jpg

    17:52:10 Error:  “Not Found” (404) at link http://www…../ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789+/ (from

    17:52:24 Warning:  file not stored in cache due to bogus state (broken size): http://www…../images/high-glycemic-load.jpg

    17:52:26 Error:  “Not Found” (404) at link http://www…../pins/ (from

    17:52:26 Error:  “Not Found” (404) at link http://www…../pins/info/ (from

    17:52:26 Warning:  file not stored in cache due to bogus state (broken size): http://www…../images/high-glycemic-load.jpg

    17:52:26 Error:  “Error attempting to solve status 206 (partial file)” (-5) after 2 retries at link http://www……/images/high-glycemic-load.jpg (from http://www…../high-glycemic-index.html)

    No files purged

    HTTrack Website Copier/3.46 mirror complete in 8 minutes 56 seconds : 999 links scanned, 990 files written (16909284 bytes overall), 811 files updated [13067434 bytes received at 24379 bytes/sec], 21401 bytes transfered using HTTP compression in 2 files, ratio 35%, 1.0 requests per connection

    (4 errors, 3 warnings, 812 messages)




    Hi anatolie,

    the parts that are about images (i.e. the files that finish with .jpg) are your images that apparently didn’t get copied. You only need to go to your SiteCentral, find these 4 images and download them manually from there and put them in the same folder where you have the rest of your images.

    Just to be clear: Httrack created a folder on your computer that is called something like When you open it you see your pages like index.html and all your other files. You also should see a file called “images”. If you open that file you should see all your website’s images, EXCEPT THESE FOUR. So when you download them manually from SiteCentral, make sure to save them under the same name in this folder. 

    As for this one:


    I have no idea what is that, but I am pretty sure it’s safe to ignore it. Must be SBI’s household stuff. Something related to their Face It! module. You won’t have it on Hostgator anyway.

    Same goes for these two

    17:52:26 Error:  ”Not Found” (404) at link http://www…../pins/(from

    17:52:26 Error:  ”Not Found” (404) at link http://www……/pins/info/ (from

    These are related to Pinterest and it’s also safe to ignore it. You can have all the buttons you want using something like wibiya. It’s free and it has tones of options. It also looks very tidy. It’s always in front of the readers, it allows you send them custom messages, allows them to have their personal bookmarks on your website and a lot of other cool stuff.

    Regarding checking your entire site – normally you don’t have to do it, but that’s what I personally did. If your site is too large it might be challenging. I would see at least the number of copied files and compare them to the number of files in page manager at least.

    Programs like Httrack are great, but they might have hiccups at times. For example it left one of my pages not copied and a few images just like you. On the other hand it copied twice one of my other pages. It’s very minor but if you can just have a brief look to make sure it looks ok.

    I’ll be online for several hours so if you are transferring right now and have questions I am here 🙂




    Thanks so much for all the info.. I think the same image was mentioned 4 times in the log, so it is probably only one image: high-glycemic-load.jpg. That is saved in the images folder now. I will ignore the rest as you recommended.

    I’ve just purchased a 12 month Hostgator hosting plan.. transferring my domain name. I’m supposed to be paying an annual fee for the domain name normally, not sure where I do that, or if already covered in that hosting plan.

    With sitemap: http://www…../HmAeKREK.xml  .. I saved it as HmAeKREK.xml.txt in a text format.

    Same with the glycemic-index.xml.txt file .. I’ve already had glycemic-index.xml in that list (which opens in dreamweaver when I click on it) , so I have two of glycemic-index.xml, second one being a txt file, first one automatically pulled by HTTrack.



    Yes right, I checked it again. It’s just one image. Apparently it tried to copy it several times but something didn’t work.

    Regarding the domain: when you change your name servers  today your website will be hosted by Hostgator, but domain registration itself will be still with SBI. It’s very important to register your domain somewhere else before it expires.

    I checked your record at whois,it says your domain expires in SEP 2013, but I am not sure how accurate it is. Do you have an idea when it expires? If you paid SBI once per year usually it would be the same date with your SBI hosting.

    You don’t have to register your domain with Hostgator (unless you want to). You can register it somewhere else like eNom or NameCheap. So you would be paying your hosting to Hostgator but registration of domain itself to eNom for example. Some people prefer it to be separate for not letting one company to have all your assets.

    You don’t have to do the domain registration now. You only have to do it before it expires. My domain is still with SBI till March 2013. I will probably register it with NameCheap because I already have several other domains there and I had no problems with them.

    Regarding your xml files – if you already have your sitemap’s xml and your RSS xml saved as .xml you don’t have to save it in txt format. .xml is all you need. For some reason Httrack didn’t pull it for me so I had to pull it manually. Perhaps they changed their default settings and now it does .xml.

    Please don’t forget to preview your website on Hostgator using IP as I described in Step 5 here

    How to transfer a website from SBI (Site Build It!) to another host

    It’s a quick an easy step and can save you from a lot of troubles. Once you preview and see everything ok, change your name servers.

    Are you going to do your own HTML or switch to WordPress directly? I see you are still on BlockBuilder.





    I was told by SBI Support that I would get a full refund on my annual SBI fee which was paid in September 2012, if I cancel within three months. So I’m assuming my domain name would expire as well or they may possibly let me keep it until Sep 2013, will check with them.

    I previewed the website on Hostgator, everything is fine on the main page, other than Google adsense ads- they look blank.. It should be fine when I do the transfer properly from Sitesell? 

    I plan to move to WordPress slowly, leave everything as it is now. I only know basic HTML : ) but can use Dreamweaver at a certain level.



    Yes, check with them regarding your domain. Your situation is unique so you need to ask them.

    As far as I remember I could see my Adsense ads in preview. Did you set Httrack to absolute URLs when you were copying your website?

    Do this:

    – open preview from Hostgator (using your IP)

    – right click on page and choose View Page Source

    – find your Adsense unit code. Normally it looks approximately like this:

    <script type=”text/javascript“><!–
    google_ad_client = “ca-pub-XXXXXXXX”;
    /* AD UNIT NAME */
    google_ad_slot = “XXXXXX”;
    google_ad_width = 336;
    google_ad_height = 280;
    <script type=”text/javascript
    src=”http: //“>

    See that URL ? Check if it looks correctly. If you didn’t set Httrack settings properly you will have ..// before the URL which messes up with your units.

    Let me know what you see.





    I set it to absolute URL while doing the transfer on HTtrack.

    I went into the page source and this is what I found.. Can’t see ..// before the URL.

    <script type=”text/javascript“><!–

    google_ad_client = “pub-4442501895598258”;

    /* glycemic index */

    google_ad_slot = “3253215976”;

    google_ad_width = 336;

    google_ad_height = 280;


    </script><script type=”text/javascript





    Yes it looks fine. Perhaps it will show later, have no idea why it doesn’t show now. Technically there is no reason for it not to display. I think it’s safe to switch your name servers. Did you unlock your domain yet?

    PS. If you want me to check your preview send me preview URL via contact me form. I am not sure it will make any difference, but just in case you want someone to look at it.




    Yes, I received your message.

    I think I spotted one important issue. Here is what happened:

    1. When you copied your website with Httrack it created a folder on your computer called

    2. You then uploaded this folder with its contents to Hostgator.

    BUT what you had to do is to upload only the contents of this folder. I believe my tutorial on Filezilla should stress more on this so I will edit it tonight. It’s probably not very clear.

    How to fix this:

    Type in your browser

    your IP address, then slash “cpanel”

    For example http://1234567/cpanel

    you will see a login box. Type in your username in Hostgator and your password.

    You will see control panel with many interesting icons. Find the one that says “FILE MANAGER” (don’t confuse with “Legacy File Manager”).

    Click on it, it will take you to page that lists your files. Find file called Double click to open. You normally should see all your files. On the top choose “select all”. Once selected do right click and choose “MOVE”.

    A window will appear. You have to specify place you want to move these files. Make it only /public_html/ and click “Move files”.

    After that you should be able to preview your website on 1234567/~yourusername WITHOUT at the end.

    Let me know what you decided and what happened to you.




    Hi Elena,

    I’ve just sent my log in details to your gmail so you may do whatever you want with it : ) I’m not worried. I went into to the file manager and got a little confused.




    No problem Anatolie I already fixed it. It must look overwhelming at first. You will get used to it. And when you get WordPress installed you will love it. WordPress is a kind of system that makes you want to work.

    Your files are all in proper place now and you can switch your name servers now.

    Adsense still doesn’t show. However there is no problems in your code. I even copied your source code to HTML editor and previewed it locally and the ad was showing. This must be because of previewing under IP. To be honest I don’t remember now, maybe my case was the same. I began to doubt.

    The only thing I know is that there is nothing wrong with your code and the ad should show. I helped quite a few people to move their websites but none of them mentioned anything about ads. I sent an email to Hostgator support, but wouldn’t expect much since everything is done correctly.

    I would switch the name servers now and see if the ad appears. There is nothing wrong on your side.

    I also fixed www. before domain so you don’t need to worry about it. (it was the last point of my tutorial).

    Httrack pulled a few documents you don’t need. I deleted some that I know 1 million percent you don’t want and there are a few more that I suspect were pulled from your affiliate links and ads. I was afraid to delete them although I am sure 1/2 a million percent you have no idea what they are and don’t need them. When you will start to know your way around the file manager you can clean them up. It’s not something urgent.

    Somehow you lost your sitemap in the process. You only had HmAeKREK.xml.txt which you told me you created yourself. I went to your live website and pulled sitemap manually and created HmAeKREK.xml and deleted HmAeKREK.xml.txt (you don’t need it). So your sitemap is ok too.

    Also RSS file Glycemic-index.xml looked ok but you created manually Glycemic-index.xml.txt – there is no need for it and it is incorrect way to do it. I cleaned that one too.

    When you have time you can explore your cPanel. You can set up your email there, it’s really easy. Just find icon that says “email accounts”  and follow the instructions. If you were using it and might receive emails at any time you actually should fix it now.

    Let me know if you need anything.






    One more thing:

    I just receive a reply from Hostgator. Here is what they are saying:


    Thank you for contacting support, I am happy to assist you today. This is normal for Google AdSense, they will not serve ads on sites being accessed by IP address. You can confirm this is working by replacing the IP address with Replace the # with the server number referenced in the welcome email.

    The URL would look like

    If you have any questions or concerns please let us know.

    Best regards,

    Kyle S.
    Linux Systems Administrator LLC



    Thanks so much..  I switched the name servers and set up an email account, and it looks like I need to register the domain name elsewhere one of these days too, even though my domain expiry is in September 2013, not to risk losing the domain name. It feels weird to be moving from SBI after 3 years.
    Is the below still valid? I couldn’t find the code on the site.

    1- One huge  problem is that SBI adds tracking code to all your outgoing links so all your affiliate links or links to other websites will be broken and you will have to fix them manually. You will have  to go through your entire website and remove this piece of code
    onClick=”window.location.href=’’; return false;”




    Yes! You did everything right. I am already seeing your website from Hostgator servers!

    Regarding the domain name, did you ask SBI about it? I mean if the name is registered and paid normally it shouldn’t be a problem until expiry date. But your domain name is really good so I would go an extra mile to make sure it’s safe. If you can wait for at least 72 hours before registering your domain name with other register.

    Regarding the code: yes, unfortunately it’s still valid. For example your Clickbank links don’t work anymore. You have to fix each page manually. If you are going to do WordPress you can do this simultaneously, since you will be migrating each page anyway.

    Here is some useful info to save your time:

    from now on you can access your cPanel by doing this:

    No need for IP address anymore.

    To access your email you do this:

    For your email subscribers: don’t forget to download the list of subscribers from SiteSell. You can then use MailChimp (free untill 2000 subscribers) or GetResponse (first month free, but more professional. MailChimp won’t like your affiliate links in their emails for example) for your newsletters.

    You then sign in with your email address and password that you created for your email. DO NOT USE PASSWORD THAT YOU USE FOR CPANEL. The sign in boxes look the same and I used to confuse them all the time in the beginning. Unlike SBI’s webmail 👿 this one actually works 100% of the time. Imagine, working email – can you believe that?

    If you want to migrate to WordPress I can do the setup for you and migrate your homepage only (today or tomorrow). You will have to do the rest of the pages yourself. Keep in mind that WordPress pages will look different than SBI pages. But I guess you want to fix your broken Clickbank links anyway so why to postpone.

    Let me know if you need my help with WordPress or anything else.




    You’re right about SBI’s email : )

    It would be great if you could do  Wordpress setup and migrate the home page, then I can do the rest, I guess it will be a matter of copying pasting HTML page by page?

    And  just noticed I’ve left the SBI Sitesell links on the right column and right at the bottom of all pages.. which I could probably delete from the file manager.

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