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    Hi Elena,

    I tried to respond to my original thread, but for some reason each time I clicked to it it logged me out of the forums, so I apologize for starting a new thread…but hopefully someone can benefit from my question.

    I am in the process of copying/pasting my sbi content to my wordpress site with a new name (going from to and I may be in trouble: My new wordpress site is currently an addon of a different unrelated primary site that I already have established.

    Do I need to purchase another addon domain from my host (Bluehost) in order to make this transfer work? So confused!




    Hi MaddyCakes,

    let’s make sure I understood you correct:

    – you are working on transfer of your SBI site and you are going to transfer it to the same account where you have another site hosted (on Bluehost).

    – after making sure that the type of account you have allows you to host more than one site, you went to your cPanel on Bluehost and created an addon domain for that SBI site using the “Addon domains” feature in the cPanel.

    – you installed WordPress on that domain and began to copy and paste the content of your SBI! site.

    If the above is correct, you don’t need to buy any domains because you already have your SBI domain and that’s what you are transferring.

    When you will be done copying and pasting, you will only need to go to your new site’s database and change preview URL for the URL of your SBI! site and follow the steps as described in the tutorial.

    There is no need to buy any additional domains.

    About forum problem: I have no idea what could have caused the issue you described but if you can’t reply to this thread and need more help, send me an email to faletova (at)



    Hi Elena,

    Yes to all of the above EXCEPT my new addon domain is a different domain from my SBI one. (Same but without the hyphens in the name… will be I thought it would be easier somehow if I had a new web address but kept the same content, plus it looks better. So currently, is at SBI, and the new site is an addon domain for an unrelated site, since I was already paying bluehost for this separate site anyway. Does that make sense? Thank you for your help!



    yes, then definitely you need to buy that domain.

    But before you make it live, you need to transfer your SBI site with your old domain and then redirect it to new domain. You cannot just let your old SBI domain go without properly transferring and redirecting it or you will lose all of the traffic and links.

    I think we talked about it somewhere here about this a while ago.

    Let me know if something isn’t clear.

    Elena 🙂



    OK…I do already own the new domain, and have been copying/pasting content from SBI site onto new WP site which is technically already live but all my posts (copied content) are still just drafts so they don’t get indexed. What I need help with is the transfer and redirect process. 🙂



    Before anything you need to transfer your existing SBI site. The quickest way to transfer it is to use my free tutorial that uses automated tools here. You don’t have to do WordPress for it or anything else for that matter but you DO have to transfer it and preserve all its URLs.

    Once the site is transferred, you can redirect each page of old site to a corresponding page of a new site using cPanel. There is a redirect feature there and it’s pretty easy to use. The only issue is that if you have hundreds of pages it will take a while.

    There might be easier ways to do the bulk redirects using .htaccess codes but I don’t know it. So, if you want, you can research that. Or just use cPanel redirects page by page. They aren’t hard at all. Just might take a while if you have a large site.



    Great! I so appreciate how quickly you have been responding to my questions.

    I have less than 100 pages, plus some C2.0 pages and I don’t mind doing the redirects by hand.

    So, I need to contact SBI now to transfer my site? Or wait until I’m ready to go live with WP? I want to avoid loss of traffic, but I don’t want duplicate content out there either. Is the “transfer” just a nameserver change that won’t affect the search engines or something? I guess this is the crux of my question. Thanks again!



    No no no, you have to do a FULL transfer for your existing SBI site. Pages and domain itself. What you don’t need to worry about is converting it to WordPress or making it look pretty.

    Here is your plan:

    1. create a new addon domain for your existing SBI site on your Bluehost account;

    2. scrape your site with Httrack and then upload it with Filezilla using this tutorial.

    3. change name servers from SBI to Bluehost for that site and wait for 2 days;

    4. transfer its domain to another name registrar like Namecheap or

    5. redirect each page to corresponding page of your new site as described above;

    You can do No 5 before No 4 or do them simultaneously. The steps before that, however, should be in that particular order. Also the new site’s pages should be published and live at the moment of redirect.

    You will always have to renew your old site’s domain and keep all its files after this transfer. The reason for that is the traffic you already have and also your old backlinks. You don’t want to lose them!

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