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    Hi Elena

    I am in the process of transferring the flat HTML pages to wordpress but dont know how to add tier 2’s as the breadcrumb link.

    When its a tier 3 page i am pasting, is there a way to add the tier 2 as a readcrumb link on top?

    At the moment, the breadcrumb link is formed using the text that i add in the Title(which looks like h1 tag) of the page.

    If it was a post, I can add a category as the tier 2 name it then allows me to choose that when adding the page in attribute and then it shows as a tier 2 in the bread crumb link.(not sure if i explained this clearly)





    I think I understood you. WordPress has its own automated way to create breadcrumbs but unfortunately it’s not useful in our case. You can use posts of course but your site structure will change. You will have duplicate content issues on category pages which you will need to solve (which is fine but too much work when transferring old site).

    Here is what I did with my own site:

    1. I used pages (with .html for pages plugin) for old content that I transferred from SBI! Any links, breadcrumbs or not I added manually (which you can also copy/paste from your SBI site for not messing up structure).

    2. I used posts (without .html at the end) for all new content. It is sorted by tags and categories. You can noindex tags to avoid duplicate content issues. You can also write unique post excerpts to improve even more.

    In general, there is an opinion that breadcrumbs lead to keyword stuffing. They are only good if you don’t have menus. I removed them from some of my sites (not all).

    In your case I would probably still keep them on my old content in order to keep old site structure. I would remove automated breadcrumbs and just copy them manually from my SBI site together with all text.

    Hope this answers your question.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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