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    I am looking to purchase a new domain for a very fresh idea but I am confused about how or where to host the site. Please I need your wisdom, do you think i would be ok hosting at hostgator or wordpress? this could sound lame because I really don’t know if wordpress host site or just helps with page creation and the likes

    Please advice



    Hi Dave,

    it’s great to see you here 🙂

    To be honest I only used SBI! and Hostgator. I never had experience with anything else. But I made a lot of research all around the web and it seems that most people think that Hostgator is truly best. I have been with Hostgator with quite some time with my other websites and now with my ex-SBI website too, and they are just wonderful! Dave, once you get used to new stuff there and will know your way around you will have hard time to believe how you got into SBI thing. You know I don’t like to tell bad things about other people’s businesses and there were some very good points to SBI but after you get to a certain level it’s like a ball and a chain. I encourage you to explore Hostgator and WordPress.

    Now regarding the difference between the two: WordPress is a content management system. They allow you to manage your pages effectively, install beautiful templates, forums such as this one (one click, really!) etc. They do not host anything for you and they are 100% free. You will probably have to get yourself a nice template from a professional designer and that’s it.

    Hostgator is a host. For your new site you need a basic account – Baby Plan or Hatchling plan (that’s how they call them). If you pay on a monthly basis they will cost about same $8 per month, but the difference is that Hatchling plan will allow you to add more than one domain and you don’t have to pay anything! You can see web hosting plans here.

    Don’t worry about technical details, you are not alone. You can come here and Sue and I will help you with every step 🙂

    There are so many advantages to being there as comparing to SBI that I can’t even begin to tell. The only thing is that you won’t have Brainstormer and newsletter system, but you can use Google keyword tool for free and as far as I know you are not using SBI’s ezine system anyways.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions 🙂





    Thanks for your help Elena.

    Pls I would really like to know more on how to purchase a domain and register with hostgator (I think they are fair enough)



    Just go to their homepage here  –> then big orange button  that says “View Web Hosting Plans” choose which plan you want – Hatchling Plan or Baby Plan. Hatchling is only cheaper when you pay like 2-3 years in advance, but if you pay monthly it is basically same price. If you are going to pay monthly choose Baby Plan. It will also allow you to add other domains later.

    So click on Baby plan. It will ask you if you want to buy a domain or you already have one. As I understand you don’t have a domain for your new site so choose the domain right from interface and follow whatever comes next. The interface will guide you. You will finally pay with your credit card for your domain + 1 month of hosting. Then you will have to renew every month, for me it’s about 10-15 of every month.

    I think when I first opened an account they even called me to verify I am real. So don’t be surprised. Then interesting things will start… :p

    You will have your domain, let’s say it’s http:// daveanan.com

    To get to all amazing tools you have you will have to do this

    http:// daveanan.com/cpanel

    You will get a login box. You will enter your username and password that you entered when you signed up for account. A page with many interesting buttons will open. Resist the temptation to play and find a button that says: FANTASTICO

    Fantastico allows you to install WordPress and many other interesting things in one click. So open Fantastico, find where it says WordPress (to the left) and install WordPress. It is easy you will just have to follow the instructions. The only thing you might get confused about is where it says: Install in directory:….

    Just leave it empty  and fill other things. You will have WordPress installed in 10 seconds. There will be also special username and password you will have to choose specially for your WordPress (other than Hostgator) – please make them REALLY complicated – this is very important.

    So once your WordPress is installed you go to

    http:// daveanan.com/wp-admin

    Again another login box. Here you enter your WordPress username and password.

    You will get to to dashboard where you can publish things.

    You will have a very simple plain template that comes with default installation. You can change it later. But I suggest that you don’t use any free templates.

    In any case go get your domain now and if you have any problems I am here. If I am awake and if the power is on (we have problems with power these days) I will answer very fast. You know you can rely on me, right 🙂





    Just checked it’s about $10 per month, hope this doesn’t make difference. They are a little confusing with their 20% off. domain registration is $15. I didn’t realize that because I have another type of account.



    Hello Elena, I just registered with hostgator and also purchased a new domain. Guess what? I paid for 36months (three whole years for $254) I hope I am not in soup. I will follow through with the other instructions and get back to you, the only trouble is that this forums refuses to work properly on my blackberry.

    I am looking to get around it so I can post here on the go!

    Thanks for all the long info and instruction, U have very much advanced in this field!



    I am so happy for you David!!! Please if you have anything  just let me know 🙂 Congratulations!!!!

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