Pinterest Offers Analytics Feature

A few days ago Pinterest sent me an email about their new analytics feature. Now you can see how how many impressions you receive, how many pins you get and a lot of other useful information all in one place. It’s available only for business pages and only after you upgrade to new interface. Fortunately, upgrading is easy and you can switch to old interface any time you wish.

I’ll admit I didn’t want to join Pinterest. I was confident this will not work for my site, because it’s not image based. I mean I do have pretty images, but it’s not my core content. You never know until you try. Pinterest became a good source of free traffic, who actually visit my website and read my stuff.

I don’t do any effort. I just pin my posts and make sure the title appears properly. That’s it. I have only 5 followers on Pinterest (I joined just about two weeks ago) but it doesn’t seem to prevent others like my pins and visit my website. Pinterest is much, much better than Facebook for me.

Envato’s January Giveaway

envato logo

envato logoIf you aren’t subscribed to Envato’s monthly newsletter you probably should consider to subscribe. Just in case you don’t know, Envato owns ThemeForest, TutsPlus, PhotoDune, CodeCayon, GraphicRiver and some other useful sites. If you have an account on any of these sites you can use same account across all their sites.

Envato has a great newsletter + monthly giveaway of quality items from each of their sites. This would typically include image packs, graphics, audio files, video files, HTML and/or WordPress templates or themes and some useful code from CodeCayon. This January they are giving away 9 items including wonderful HTML theme and HTML to Word/PDF converter. The items will be available for free until the end of this month, which means you have only 5 days left.

If you aren’t subscribed to their newsletter you still can download free items by logging in to your account and visiting homepage of each of their sites. They have a habit to display free file of the month right there, which makes things easy. The complete list of their sites can be found in their footer. Don’t have an account? No problem, you can create it for free here and then use it for all other sites.