What Annoys Me About Google’s Forums

What Annoys Me About Google Webmaster Forums

I don’t spend a lot of time in Google’s webmaster forums, but whenever I stop by I see the same thing – rudeness and hostility. These people who pretend to help others and like to remind you that they are volunteers after all seem to take every unfortunate webmaster who was hit by an algo as their personal enemy.

What Annoys Me About Google Webmaster ForumsI think it’s a shame that Google allows that. It’s not one person thing, nor one of a kind incident. It happens all the time, like it happened in this thread. I would hardly call this help. It only makes webmasters feel more devastated and insulted.

What’s wrong with these people? Do they actually build something themselves or all they do is spend time on forums? Why are they so angry? I agree that helping others to improve is a good thing, especially when you do it for free, but this doesn’t entitle you to be hurtful.