How to Find Affiliate Programs (or Products) that Will Work for Your Website

It is really frustrating to spend hours or even days looking for what it seems good affiliate programs (or products), submit forms, wait to get approved only to find that they just don’t work on your website. Here is how to make this process easier, quicker and hopefully more effective:
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If you’ve been using Adsense on your site for any substantial period of time you probably noticed that some advertisers seem to just love your website. There should be a reason for that. If they keep advertising on your site, means it’s working for them. Find out their landing pages URLs (without clicking on ads of course) and see what they are doing. If they are selling a particular product, note what kind of product is that. Do they own this product or they are affiliates themselves? Whatever it is, get inspired by their ideas and subscribe to same affiliate program or promote a similar product yourself. If it works for you, you may consider to block them as they are your competitors now.

To analyze your advertisers you can go to your Adsense dashboard, then Allow and Block Ads, then choose Shown Ads. In addition you can use ad preview tool or check the actual pages of your site, however using Shown Ads tool is the easiest way to do it.

You have to keep in mind that not all advertisers really know what they are doing. Some may be losing money on your site, look only at those who have been around for some time.