ClickBank Success: A Little Tip to Become a Better Affiliate Marketer

We all know that to sell more effectively we should know the products we promote. Easier said than done! Although Clickbank makes it easy with its no-questions-asked-60-day-money-back-guarantee, who wants to buy something, download it, then immediately submit support ticket and wait for refund!

clickbankI’ve heard you could actually ask for review copy for free but was always afraid to be rejected. After all, anyone could say he is an affiliate and wants a review copy and then just read books for free. And actually you can, but as it turns out, this doesn’t prevent Clickbank vendors from doing everything possible to help you promote their products.

Inspired by John Chow’s book Blogging with John Chow, I actually decided to give it a try and contact a few Clickbank vendors to see what happens.

Here is what I wrote them:

reviewrequestI took a screenshot of my traffic stats and uploaded it to image directory of my website. I linked to it directly from my email so they can see I am serious. If you are not especially proud of your traffic numbers skip this part, but if you have something to show by all means show it!

I sent this to four vendors Saturday afternoon (Saturday morning in the US). I received first reply on Sunday and two more today. Now I have a lot to read!

I feel more confident promoting something I read and/or used myself. This is especially important if you are promoting this to email list or if you have a lot of repeat visitors and you already have a relationship with them. To be honest, most Clickbank sales pages look very cheesy, but sometimes there are really great products behind those pages. Besides that, it’s a sorrow not to give yourself a chance to earn more.

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  1. I have also used this tactic to review items that I later blogged about. I’ve also been able to get items to use in giveaways.

    My biggest problem with ClickBank is that I think an enormous percentage of their stuff is just plain garbage — and I won’t promote trash to my readers. Careful reviews will allow you to avoid that.

    1. Right. These ideas on creating info products in a matter of days are killing the trust. Now even if there are some good books they don’t get much chance because you need to dig tons of garbage to find them. Thanks for your comment 🙂

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