Unexpected Checks in the Mail – It Finally Happened to Me!

Yes, it did! And this didn’t require any type of meditation or any other crazy stuff you might hear from advocates of what they call Law of Attraction.

In fact, I was feeling quite negative yesterday as I was obsessing about two checks from Hostgator that were apparently lost in mail. I was sending them angry emails, making a lot of noise in forums and was threatening to pack my stuff and leave to another host. As you’ll see, it got resolved later. Poor guys have really no idea why my checks are getting lost. Yesterday was a big payday!

Few months ago I wrote about my experience with BlogAds.com here. It was very positive and I can attest that it only got better. I still work with them and think it’s going to be a long relationship.

Unexpected Checks in Mail - It finally Happened to Me!BlogAds says the minimum payout for checks and bank transfers is $750 (for PayPal it’s only $75), however my yesterday’s check was for about $200 – that’s why it came as a surprise. It was hand-written by a real human – something I came to appreciate in this digital world!

Upon closer investigation I discovered that BlogAds still has minimum threshold of $750 for checks and bank transfers – nothing changed here. However, they pay out all earnings regardless of amount once a year on February 15! How weird is that? That’s exactly what happened.

As for Hostgator’s issue, it got resolved within a few hours. They had to cancel two lost checks and pay me via PayPal. Technically I can’t use PayPal in this country, but the problem with Hostgator’s checks forced me to think a little harder. Finally, I came up with solution to have an agreement with another person (my husband that is ;-)) who has a bank account in another country. Hostgator was able to send the payment there. I am all happy now!

This new arrangement with PayPal is somewhat inconvenient, because I will be losing money on currency exchange rates and won’t be able to cash it out immediately. On the positive side though, the limitation of PayPal (or lack of thereof) isn’t there anymore and now I can work with many other companies who have only PayPal as a payment option. I can also buy stuff I never could buy before, because some vendors simply assume that everyone has PayPal.

In addition, there was Adsense money yesterday. It was kind of hard to find MTCN for Western Union after they upgraded my account to a new payment system. Hopefully, I will get used to new layout.

This fairy tale continued into today, when local customer who always pays his hosting fees at least six months later called me to say they want to get it covered until 2014.

There are pretty amazing days in life.

4 Replies to “Unexpected Checks in the Mail – It Finally Happened to Me!”

  1. Although you won’t believe it, you did experience law of attraction. What most people miss is that you attract what you’re thinking about, positive or negative. I’m betting you were thinking, in some fashion, “I want my money”. And you got it; law of attraction. lol

    1. Ha ha, you know I like the idea of positive thinking and do think it helps in life. I just can’t stick to it at times.

  2. Ah what a day it was! And congrats, you’ve broaden you opportunities 🙂
    It’s quite surprise to me to know PayPal does not work there either. I guessed it was only in my country – Nepal. It’s really frustrating. When you don’t have PayPal, it looks you are losing a lot of online opportunity. PayPal works both in India and China but my country between these two large ones, can’t have PayPal 🙁

    1. Thanks Suresh! I think PayPal is about bank regulations in the country, so apparently Nepal and Lebanon don’t satisfy their requirements. I don’t know about Nepal, but for Lebanon it comes as no surprise 😀

      Talking about opportunities, I always felt very limited because of PayPal problem, so I am running now and signing up for things I could never sign up before. I will be sure losing a lot during currency exchange from dollars to Euro first and then again from Euro to dollar, but if this allows me more flexibility I will be patient. Thanks for stopping by!

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