Planning Sweepstakes – Any Advice?

A few months ago SBI’s superstar Elad made an interesting interview (available here) where he actually revealed the secret of his traffic. Well, he might have many other secrets – Elad is obviously a very clever guy, but still he revealed enough.

prizeThe interview was made to promote SBI!, however if you watch his interview and listen carefully, you’ll realize his success has nothing to do with SBI! Well of course, that’s how he started, but then he discovered his own unique way to success which he shared in that video.

Doubting? His new printables website is not hosted by SBI! In addition, it appears he transferred some of his old websites away from SBI!. I am not saying this to take another chance to pick on SBI! I don’t really hate them, although I didn’t like to be there. Here’s the proof – today they are going to make another interview with one successful lady and I am going to watch. I like new ideas! This post is not another SBI! scam or legit post. I don’t want to be dragged into that. It’s about traffic generation.

Elad nailed it – contest, prizes, particularly cash prizes are the key to driving traffic. John Chow does it all the time. It must be the way. I am tired of my petty dependence on Google. I want to break free. I decided to run sweepstakes with cash prizes. No, guys, not here. Not yet 🙂

I am really new to this. Does anyone have any constructive advice? Any useful links? Any warnings (laws for example)? Any suggestions will be very much appreciated.

Edited to add:
just found something useful

2 Replies to “Planning Sweepstakes – Any Advice?”

  1. i think if you are giving away cash prices, you’ll get a lot of untargeted traffic. don’t you think? just my 2 cents

    1. Yes, I thought about it too. The issue is I have women oriented site and it would be easy to offer makeup, cosmetics, etc, but when I go to these sites where they sell these things, there is always tons of limitations. They don’t send to some countries., or they charge for shipping outside of the US. I am a bit lost, to be honest.

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