Keep 100% of Your Advertising Revenue

If you have content-based website where you simply share your knowledge with others and have no product or service to sell, monetizing can be quite difficult. Services like Google Adsense take up to 50 percent of your revenue and you have to put their ads inside the content to get those petty clicks.

Keep 100% of Your Advertising RevenueIf you have a high-traffic website or a very niche website with some traffic you might be able to attract advertisers yourself. The problem is, you really don’t have time or desire to negotiate with advertisers, manage ad spots and issue bills every month.

Fortunately little something called OIO Publisher can solve this for you.

What is OIO Publisher?

OIO Publisher is a PHP script that allows you to sell ad space on your website without sharing revenue with anyone else. Here is what it allows you to do:

  • set up ad zones for banners
  • sell text links ads
  • earn by writing paid reviews
  • set up your own affiliate program where you pay commission to others for bringing you advertisers
  • charge per day, per impression, or per click
  • get detailed reports on impressions and clicks (for yourself and advertisers)

Get paid via

  • 2Checkout
  • Offline Payments
  • Google Checkout
  • Payza
  • PayPal

PayPal has subscription option, so you can set it on autopilot and charge advertiser automatically every month until he cancels it. Set and forget!

So you basically install the script, set your prices, put codes on your site and forget it. Of course you might want to send a few emails to potential advertisers telling them about your new setup.

Technical stuff

According to what the author says the script will work on any PHP website (including WordPress of course. WordPress plugin is available and is really easy to install). However, from what I can see, it’s possible to set it up on one website and place actual ads on another website. So if you are on something like Site Build It! or other restrictive platform that doesn’t allow you to use PHP or WordPress you can use this script but you’ll need a workaround.

Here is what to do: get another domain, host it somewhere where you can have WordPress or PHP (I highly recommend Hostgator), install plugin and grab JavaScript code for ad zones. You will know what it means when you get the script. Place that Javascript on your SBI! website (for the sake of example) and you are done. Your new website will process orders while your main website will earn you money.

Another cool thing you can do

Since Javascript ad zones will work on any website, you can agree with other websites in your niche and place Javascript codes on other websites too and share the revenue. This is particularly good if you don’t have much traffic. If you don’t have much traffic you might not be able to approach potential advertisers yourself, but when you have a group of websites in the same niche, your combined traffic might be very interesting for them.

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