My Experience with BlogAds

My recent experiments with selling direct advertisement on my website led me to discover –  a company I came to really like. It’s not a new company. I am not sure how old it is, but it was definitely born before I knew what HTML is 😉 I didn’t bother to check, but it just looks that way!

Perhaps this is exactly the reason why it is so effective. Or perhaps it’s my competitive niche… Or simply a combination of both. I am kicking myself  I didn’t work with them before. I lost more than a half of my traffic this summer and no, my website is not a low quality website. Do I have to mention that? It just hurts!

Anyway, despite all I have left on that website is about 600-800 uniques per day, BlogAds customers seem to be interested in my website. I am seriously considering ditching Adsense and just have BlogAds on my sidebar.

BlogAds is a third party service that handles your customers, payments and sales. There are several types and sizes of ads you can choose from, place the code on your website and BlogAds will count the number of impressions. In addition to BlogAds team efforts, if an advertiser comes straight to your website, he will see a link under every advertising slot. He then will be able  to purchase advertisement right from that link. He doesn’t even need to send you a line. BlogAds will take 30 percent and the rest is all yours. You have a PayPal option, a check option and a bank transfer option. The only problem is that if you can’t use PayPal your payment threshold is $750.

BlogAds offers you the ability to issue coupon codes up 100% off. This means that you can promote yourself a little by contacting potential advertisers and offering them free advertising for a short period of time. If they find it works for them, they could become your paying customers.

You might be interested in BlogAds if you are selling your own products or operate as an affiliate marketer. In fact, I noticed that most advertisers on my website were affiliates in those tough niches where they pay $4-$7 per click. So if you are operating in same type of niches, you might be able to find a decent website with good ad placement and reasonable price. Be careful though, you won’t be paying on per click  or per impression basis. You will be paying for every day you have your ads running (minimum 3 days) , so be careful. I noticed that many of these advertisers just don’t get what works and what doesn’t so they end up wasting their money.

Here is a link once again It’s not even an affiliate link. I poked around their website but didn’t find an affiliate program. Perhaps for better, you can be confident it’s a genuine recommendation :D.

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  1. if you are recommanding blogads too much
    why are you not using it on your blog, i see affiliate links every where not any blogads…

    1. Hi genius, did you read my post? These are not affiliate links because I didn’t find their affiliate program. Second, I am using it on my other site with higher traffic than here, which makes sense. Third, I actually do use it, you can see link Advertise on WebmasterDiary link in right sidebar. That’s BlogAds.

    1. It’s $75 via PayPal or $750 if you prefer checks. The rates you set yourself so you don’t need to compare it to Adsense. You can use your Adsense CPM data to decide on how much you want to charge though.

    1. They are good. I still work with them. Provided you have some traffic and a niche they have advertisers for, you must be fine.

  2. Hi, I have a website related to open source softwares with 400-500 daily unique visitors. I’m currently using bidvertiser but their cpm is too low so I was looking for a change. Would you recommend me to use blogads on my website and in your opinion how much can I earn from it monthly website?

    1. You can try. It’s hard to say until you actually try. You set your own price, whatever you think reasonable and they will take 30 percent if advertiser came from their side. I can say they have advertisers in fitness, weight loss and beauty industry and also book sellers. I can’t tell about other industries. Simply sign up and place their code, you don’t get to lose anything. If your website generates less than 3000 impressions per week (via their system, in reality it’s probably more like 5000 per week) you won’t get any exposure to advertisers. If it’s more you will be listed on their order page. I don’t always have my ad spots filled but they do come from time to time. Income is not always same, but it’s a nice addition to Adsense. You have sidebars anyway and CPC ads will not work in sidebars, Blogads allows you to take advantage of them.

  3. I applied a couple of months ago to BlogAds and received the message: “Thank you for applying to join Blogads! We’ve received your application and are reviewing your site’s information. We’ll be in touch within the next week if we think it’s a good fit!” After that I haven’t heard anything since. I guess they don’t find PageRank 3 blogs with 5k visitors a month interesting enough.

    1. Hi Computer Kid,
      Blogads are not concerned about page rank. I am not sure how they judge but it could be so many things. It could be that your niche is not suitable or it could be that at this moment they don’t need new blogs. In general 5000 a month is not enough for companies like them. Also for the record, there is a similar company, BuySellAds which refused my sites in different niches. At the moment when I applied, both had over 1700 uniques per DAY (not per month).

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