An Interesting Observation about Adsense Targeting

I have posted this first about a week ago in private SBI forums but decided to post it here too. It is about an interesting ¬†observation I have made ¬†while editing my new template. It was an absolute accident and of course it’s not something anyone should concentrate on, but it’s just cool to know and I know many of us enjoy reading such things. Here is what happened:

I was struggling with my new responsive site template for two days now. I edited it like gazillion times pasting and repasting content and tags. Eventually I got it to work and now I could put brand new Adsense units. It was a page about wedding chairs but to my surprise the ads were about obesity treatments. I looked at my page source and yes, of course, I forgot to edit meta keywords line! Keywords line was saying: “obesity treatments, surgical obesity treatment, medical obesity treatment”. This got there by mistake when pasting and I forgot to fix it. After a few hours my ads are still about obesity and diet and Adsense couldn’t care less that URL, title and text are saying “WEDDING” (sure I won’t keep it that way).

It is fun to know that Adsense targets keyword tags. I never heard this before. I knew about URL being important and text of course, but I never never could imagine they pay attention to keywords in keyword meta tags! So here you are, never mind Google Search doesn’t pay attention to keywords meta tags. Google Adsense does. When you take a purposeful action by picking higher paying keywords don’t forget to make sure they are in your keyword meta tags.