Increase Your Income With Easy Adsense-like Affiliate Links That Work on ANY Website

Increase Your Income With Easy Adsense-like Affiliate Links

DEMO 1       DEMO 2You need to reload the demo page to see the links switch. Ever wanted to create your own Adsense-like rotating ads that would serve your affiliate links and then update these links with new ones on every page load? I know I did. I knew this would allow me to test more affiliate […]

Another Great Photoshop Drawing Tutorial

Another Great Photoshop Drawing Tutorial

There was another great tutorial at This was really simple and at the same time I filled some gaps. Doesn’t take much time at all and is great for absolute beginners. Here is my result. You can compare it with the original on their site. It was much easier than cartoon pirate tutorial.

Cartoon Pirate from Scratch in Photoshop

photoshop drawing cartoon pirate

Followed this tutorial and after a few days of work produces this: It was great. I learned a ton! If you are interested in learning Photoshop it’s a great tutorial to follow. Challenging enough but also not too complicated.

How to change directory in irb

>> require ‘fileutils’ >> FileUtils.pwd # prints working directory >> ‘/path/to/requiredfolder’ # takes you to required directory To exit irb either exit or CTRL+D should work.

to_i Method in Ruby

Q: What to_i stands for in Ruby and what it does? A: to_i stands for “to integer” and is needed to convert strings into integers so you can do mathematical operations with them. Any value, even numbers, acquired from URLs in params becomes a string and if you need to do some math with it […]

What are Params in Ruby

Q: What are params in Ruby? A: params in Ruby are equivalent of $_REQUEST array in PHP. They can come from: query string of GET request, input from POST request, or the path of the URL. If user requested http://localhost:4567/bill then params[:name] are “bill” Example: require ‘sinatra’ get ‘/:name’ do name = params[:name] “Hi there […]

How to Restart Sinatra Automatically

Here is the solution that will save you time and nerves while working in Sinatra / Ruby. To reload Sinatra automatically, in the beginning of your document right after the opening require ‘sinatra’ add this: require ‘sinatra/reloader’ if development? You can now see changes by simply reloading page in your browser, no need to type […]

How to Back Up WordPress Manually, Without Plugins

backup cloud

While there are many backup solutions both paid and free some of you will want to know how to backup WordPress site or blog manually without relying on plugins or paid services. It is a matter of preference really, but if you are a control freak like me or if you have too much to […]

Forgot your WordPress Username or Email? Here is How to Find it!

wordpress database

If you build so many websites that you eventually forget not only your password but even username or maybe even email you used to install WordPress, here is how you can find it (provided you still remember how to access to cPanel where your site is hosted): 1. Go to and login using your […]

Handling Index.html Error Issues in WordPress

redirect cpanel

This quick tutorial will help you fix 404 error issue when you request index.html for your WordPress site. If you initially started out with WordPress you will not have this problem, but those who were on different platforms or had static websites that used index.html page, then converted to WordPress might still have old links […]