Forgot Your Computer Password?

forgot computer password

Found this today. Didn’t try this myself but seems very useful. It looks like your computer password can be reset by opening your operating system in safe mode by pressing F8 and then changing your password. Problem solved! Forgot your computer password? Boot up in safe mode (F8 during startup), log in as administrator and […]

Traffic Drop After Site Redesign?

Traffic Drop After Site Redesign?

While this wasn’t original plan (because there was no original plan to begin with) here at Webmaster’s Diary I often deal with webmasters who are switching from one web hosting company to another often redesigning their websites in the process. Obviously, these changes are done to improve their websites’ performance and usability. They all typically […]

Why You Should Think Twice Before Accepting a Sponsored Post or a Guest Post

I must confess, I love the idea of both guest posts and sponsored posts. Guest posts may be an awesome way to get free quality content and build relationships with other bloggers and site owners. Sponsored posts are a fantastic way to generate good revenue without placing any ads on your site. Both are great […]

45% off Hostagtor Hosting – 24 Hour Sale on February 17

Hostgator Sale

If you are planning to purchase Hostgator’s webhosting package any time soon do that on February 17. On this day, they will be running a 24 hour sale where you can get their plans at 45 percent off (starting at $2.72 per month) and new domains only for $5.95. The sale will start at 12am […]

How to Move a Website from SBI! to WordPress

How to Move a Website from SBI! to WordPress

A lot of time passed and I gained a lot of experience with moving websites from Site Build It! and have more insight into what soon-to-be ex-SBIers want. My first tutorial here teaches you to transfer your SBI! website in static form (as is), THEN slowly convert to WordPress. That’s what I have done with […]

How to Create a Small Business Website, Part 1

How to Create a Small Business Website

The purpose of this tutorial is to show small / medium business owners how to create a website without help of web developers. Most people, who just don’t know, are blown away by simplicity of this process. Tutorial may seem long but it actually isn’t. I added a lot of less than necessarily screenshots just […]

Get Hostgator Hosting at $1.24 a Month!

Hostgator Sale

Hostgator’s first flash sale begins on November 29 and will continue only for one hour from 12 AM Central to 1AM Central. If you live in different timezone you can check Central time here. During this hour you get 75% OFF Hosting (starting at only $1.24/m) and $1.95 domains. If you don’t manage to purchase […]

Adsense Text Ads with Tiny Images?

Adsense Text Ads Features Images

I was converting one of my static websites to WordPress this morning and came across an Adsense ad that looked like this: It’s a combination of text and image, just like Chitika used to be (or still is). Long ago I heard that Adsense has tested this at one point of time (before Chitika) but […]

Web Hosting Account Suspended – Here is What to Do

How to Protect Your Web Hosting Account from Being Suspended

Most web hosts do a very poor job at explaining what you can or cannot do. If you look at homepage of almost any host it looks like it doesn’t matter what plan you choose because they all promise you “unlimited” everything. During my extensive research I found only a handful of web hosts who […]

Quite a Ride: All Time Stats

All Time Stats

These are all time stats for my very first site starting from April 23 2010 until yesterday. That was quite a ride. What tomorrow will bring?