Another Great Photoshop Drawing Tutorial

Another Great Photoshop Drawing Tutorial

There was another great tutorial at This was really simple and at the same time I filled some gaps. Doesn’t take much time at all and is great for absolute beginners. Here is my result. You can compare it with the original on their site. It was much easier than cartoon pirate tutorial.

How to change directory in irb

>> require ‘fileutils’ >> FileUtils.pwd # prints working directory >> ‘/path/to/requiredfolder’ # takes you to required directory To exit irb either exit or CTRL+D should work.

to_i Method in Ruby

Q: What to_i stands for in Ruby and what it does? A: to_i stands for “to integer” and is needed to convert strings into integers so you can do mathematical operations with them. Any value, even numbers, acquired from URLs in params becomes a string and if you need to do some math with it […]

What are Params in Ruby

Q: What are params in Ruby? A: params in Ruby are equivalent of $_REQUEST array in PHP. They can come from: query string of GET request, input from POST request, or the path of the URL. If user requested http://localhost:4567/bill then params[:name] are “bill” Example: require ‘sinatra’ get ‘/:name’ do name = params[:name] “Hi there […]

How to Restart Sinatra Automatically

Here is the solution that will save you time and nerves while working in Sinatra / Ruby. To reload Sinatra automatically, in the beginning of your document right after the opening require ‘sinatra’ add this: require ‘sinatra/reloader’ if development? You can now see changes by simply reloading page in your browser, no need to type […]

How to Install and Activate Hyper Cache Extended

wplang in wp-config file manager cpanel

To me Hyper Cache Extended is the best cache plugin ever! It makes your site fast and saves you money by allowing you to use shared hosting when you technically should be paying for dedicated server). Although Hyper Cache extended is easy to use, if you are new to WordPress and cPanel you might get […]